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Some of these were featured on The Huffington Post. All of them will make you laugh.

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Kendra in the press.

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Short comedy films, including some award winners. Many were featured on Funny Or Die!

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Hey guys, I’ll be filming my first half hour special at Q.E.D January 24th- Co Headlining with the amazing Leah Bonnema

be part of our laugh track!! it's only $5 January 24th 7PM!

Joke of the Week

I wrote a book on Daddy Issue's but my father said it wasn't good enough

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On the Lam

I decided to go to Boston to surprise my mother for her birthday. I talk to my mother on the phone a lot and  she knows what I’m up to pretty much every minute of every day so pulling off a trip from New York to Boston without her wondering why the hell my accountability […]