Mocking the Meditator

I was up in Boston for a week and got to spend a lot of time with the family. My mother likes to read the newspaper to me. Over the years, I’ve come to enjoy […]

Fried Chicken Strut

I can’t tell you how many promises I’ve made to myself and then promptly broke that promise. It’s not good for the self-esteem to behave this way. You tell yourself “I will not apply for […]

Portable Velvet Throne

I don’t know when creative job quitting became a thing in my family but it feels like it’s a family tradition. Anytime anybody wants to quit a job there are lots of discussions “What are […]

Jogging in Jeans: I can explain

I went on an American Horror Story (season 1) binge Monday. I love horror and pride myself on being the type of person who doesn’t get scared easy. For those of you who haven’t seen […]

Reclusive fantasies

There was a time when I would wake up and think glamorous thoughts like “Some day I’m gonna live in Eastern Europe smoking cigarettes and drinking during the day, telling people about the movie script […]

Gyno in Training

I’ll be doing a version of this story Monday at Dean Street You should come because I’ve been reading The Four Hour Work Week and this time next year I’ll be performing strictly in Kauai, […]

Not Meatloaf

An article came up in my newsfeed “20 ways to keep cool as the weather turns hot” from Boston 25 news. Not to be an asshole, who needs a list to figure out how to […]