Gyno in Training

I’ll be doing a version of this story Monday at Dean Street You should come because I’ve been reading The Four Hour Work Week and this time next year I’ll be performing strictly in Kauai, […]

Not Meatloaf

An article came up in my newsfeed “20 ways to keep cool as the weather turns hot” from Boston 25 news. Not to be an asshole, who needs a list to figure out how to […]

Mall Whore

Last week I got lost in the Palisades mall. If you have never been to the Palisades mall, it is a big mall with lots of different escalators and arms of stores stretching out in […]

Emergency Room Car Pool

I’m trying to be better with money. I can’t bring myself to get on a budget because the word itself feels constricting. It’s not like I buy big-ticket items. That’s what I say to myself […]

Missing Quarters Report

I just spent five days in Boston for the Women in Comedy Festival. I split my time between my mother’s and my sister’s. I love spending big hunks of time with my family. It’s nice […]

Inborn Eavesdropping

I talk to my mother quite a bit on the phone. So much that sometimes it feels as if neither one of us is retaining much of the conversation. “What are you doing tonight?” “I […]

unbuttered bagel apology

Yesterday I walked three blocks to return a bagel that had not been buttered. It was around 11:30 in the morning and the receipt showed I had purchased the bagel at 8:58 am. There was […]